Tomato Basil Marinara

The simplest recipe of all for a nutritious dinner for the family on the go is Urban Ladle Tomato Basil Marinara. Lisa makes this for busy winter evenings but it is just as refreshing any time of the year! Pair it with a nice crisp salad made with fixings from your garden and some fresh homemade bread, and you have a healthy and tasty meal.

Here is the recipe:

Simmer a quart of Urban Ladle Tomato Basil Soup with a can of tomato paste until it reaches the desired thickness. Add your favorite thawed beef, turkey, or veggie meatballs. Continue to cook until the meatballs are hot. Lisa likes to serve this yummy mixture over zucchini noodles but it is delicious no matter what your preference. Add your favorite cheese as a topping.

A robust red wine is the perfect complement to this updated Italian meal.